Our collaboration with established and prospective companies enables us to provide to our customers the goods and the services in a reasonable ratio between quality and price.

Our company offers:

– Kitchen countertops and backs on the kitchen countertops / wall panels /

– Chipboards

– Laminated chipboards

– Medium density fiberboard (MDF) – raw, veneered, primed

– MDF with acrylic coating

– HDF – primed



– Different types of edges for the offered panels

We provide cutting and edging on individual dimensions like curved cutting, curved edging, pairing of parts,
drilling holes for minifix, dowel, shelf supports etc with high-class machines in the shortest time and at very competitive prices.
We work with furniture companies, as well as individuals. Services are performed by young team, ambitious and excellent specialists using professional saw blades and edging machines with very good quality.

Our machines:


• Casadei ALA 23 R

• Morbidelli Author 400

• CNC Router